Practical Manual for Musculoskeletal Trauma
(Volume I)

Chief Editors: Kwok Sui LEUNG, Put Shui KO
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Singapore Pte Ltd (ISBN 9814021628)
Total Pages: 338
Year of Publication: 2001

This manual is presented in two volumes. The first volume consists of 30 chapters and an appendix which covers the general principles of resuscitation, trauma scores, fracture classification, and the basis of treatment of open fractures, anesthesia and the use of a tourniquet, imaging and nonoperative considerations such as casting, bracing, and traction. Useful chapters on the biomechanics of fracture fixation and the organization of a trauma service are presented. Volume I provides a comprehensive description of fractures and dislocations from the upper cervical spine through the entire body, down to the toes, including a chapter on pediatric injuries and thermal injuries. Most useful is their bibliography which provides classic references enabling readers to quickly access the articles on a given topic. Their coverage of complications such as compartment syndrome, fat embolism syndrome and others is comprehensive.