Team Physician Manual
Ed. by L Micheli, A Smith, N Bachl, C Rolf, K-M Chan
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Asia, 2001. ISBN 962 356 029 X (pbk.). 427p. + CD

The book is based on the FIMS' Team Physician Development Course, which has the same goal: to prepare physicians of any speciality, and to fulfil the basic fieldside medical needs of athletes.

Each chapter is written by a sports medicine physician with particular expertise in the material that he/she covers. Together with the CD, this resource is the key component of the first phase of the FIMS Team Physician Development Course - the distance-learning phase. It can also be used by qualified teachers to instruct student physicians.

The text has been divided into two main parts:
Part One: General information for the Team Physician
Part Two: How to manage musculoskeletal sports injuries.