AMedical Year 4 SSM
Ed. by Prof Qin Ling, 2003.
The Chinese Univesity of Hong Kong, SAR, PR China

This book is contributed by Year 4 medical students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who joined a Special Selective Module in year 2003 under the tutorship of Prof. Ling Qin. This book is composed of around 1,500 slid presentations related to the Differentiate Diagnosis of Osteoporosis and Related Research and is a good reference material for medical education.

Total pages of this book are 160. The associated contents are:

- Epidemiology of osteoporosis
- Pathophysiology of osteoporosis
- Classification and diagnosis of osteoporosis
- Bone densitometry and indications
- Dilemma and solution in using various bone densitometries for diagnosis of osteoporosis
- Quality assurance of densitometry
- Evaluation of bone architecture in management of osteoporosis
- Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
- Risk factors of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture
- Fall prevention and education
- Prevention of osteoporotic fractures among the ˇ§high riskˇ¨ patients
- Useful homepages in bone mineral and osteoporosis studies
- Materials selected for further readings