2005 International Symposium on Quality of Bone
Ed. by Prof. Qin Ling, Lai KK, Griffith J, Cheung WH, Leung KS, 2006.
Publisher: The Chinese University of Hong Konng (ISBN: 962-7709-16-6)
Total Pages: 236

With the collective knowledge of the participating faculty of the worldĄŻs leading researchers and clinicians, this volume addresses the advances in imaging and bioengineering technologies and their applications, which enable researchers and clinicians to examine and understand the pathophysiology of osteoporosis, its natural evolution, and its response to both conventional and novel treatments. This Volume introduces cutting-edge bioimaging technologies for studying the musculoskeletal system at the molecular to the organ levels and for examining related biomaterials, including nano- and micro-computed tomography (CT), peripheral and axial quantitative CT (pQCT and aQCT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), transmission and scanning electron microscopy (TEM & SEM), polarized and florescence microscopy, scanning acoustic microscopy, nano-micro indentation, high-fidelity 3-D microscopy, microradiography, and other advanced and unique contact and non-contact bioimaging modalities. The papers of this Volume examine the use of the above advanced bio-engineering and imaging techniques in studying: the quality of intact, osteoporotic, osteonecrotic, osteoarthritic, and healing bone and cartilage, and examines the role of these technologies in assessing the vascularity of relevant hard and soft tissues along with various scaffolding materials developed for musculoskeletal applications.