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3rd Quarter | 2021
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Jockey Club Mus-Fit Action SMART Fun Day 2021

SMART Fun Day, annually organized by CUHK Sports Medicine Team, aims to promote sports medicine to the community, as well as to create a platform for knowledge transfer and experience sharing among sports professionals. This year, SMART Fun Day 2021 held on Aug 21-22 at Cheng Yu Tung Building (CYT), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has attracted more than 2,000 participants. There was a series of seminars, workshops, sports challenges and sports exhibitions, hosted by various healthcare and sports professionals and organizations, covering a wide variety of topics related to sports medicine and health science.

In the SMART Fun Day 2021, we shared knowledge in general sports and health, sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. By spreading message of “Love Sport Play Smart”, we hope to promote an active lifestyle and raise public awareness towards sports and health.

GRF 2021/22 exercise
Prof. Qin Ling Prof. Li Gang Prof. Wang Huating Dr. Lam Tsz Ping Dr. Xu Jiankun

Congratulations to our principal investigators and their project teams. Our department has successfully secured support from the RGC for 5 projects.

PI Project Title
Prof. Qin Ling Magnesium Activated Progenitor Cells in Synovial Fluid to Regenerate Articular Cartilage
Prof. Li Gang Mechanistic Studies on Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers by Novel Tibial Cortex Transverse Transport Surgery
Prof. Wang Huating YY1 deficiency in satellite cell exacerbates fibrosis in dystrophic muscle: elucidation of satellite cell/macrophage/fibro-adipogenic progenitor crosstalk
Dr. Lam Tsz Ping Enhancing the Therapeutic Effect of Bracing for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis with a Hybrid Bracing Protocol: A Randomized-Controlled Trial
Dr. Xu Jiankun An Innovative Strategy Recapitulates the Neuropeptide-Guided Angiogenic-Osteogenic Coupling for Functional Repair of Segmental Bone Defect

High-resolution Peripheral Computed Tomography (HR-pQCT) for Intramuscular Fat Infiltration

Congratulations to Dr. Simon Chow and his team for obtaining a HK$1.2 million competitive funding support from the HMRF-Research Fellowship Scheme (HMRF-RFS) to initiate an international collaboration with the University Health Network (UHN) of the University of Toronto to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) driven technique to discriminate intramuscular fat content from non-invasive HR-pQCT images.

Intramuscular fat infiltration is one of the symptoms associated with sarcopenia. This improved AI-driven technique using the cutting-edge HR-pQCT will improve the one-stop diagnosis of sarcopenia and osteoporosis/osteopenia for early intervention decisions; and will eventually prevent fragility fracture for our older population with the world highest life expectancy!

Dance Medicine:
HK Academy of Performing Arts x CUHK
The annual Summer Performance by the graduating students from HKAPA.
(Top middle: Prof Anna Chan, Top right: Dr Samuel Ling, Bottom 2nd right: Mr Henry Lam, president of the HK Association of Dance Medicine and Science.)

Our department is pleased to announce the establishment of a formal collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA). The CUHK Dance Injury Research Clinic was started in 2018 which cared for professional dancers and dance students. The signing of this MOU (memorandum of understanding) by Prof Anna Chan (Dean of the School of Dance, HKAPA) and our chairman Prof Patrick Yung have established a foundation for us to advance Dance Medicine and Science in Hong Kong and beyond.
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