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4th Quarter | 2021
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The 41th Annual Congress of Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association

Prof Jack Cheng was the guest of honour at the 41st HKOA Congress held at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre and delivered a beautiful lecture on the possibilities of the amazing Osteocyte.

Dr Bernard Yung won the Best Trainee Paper award, while Ms Rufina Lau won the Best Associate Member Paper Award. Dr Michael Ong, Dr Xin He, and Dr George Law won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Paper Prizes in Sports Medicine.

Despite the pandemic, our CUHK Ortho team was still able to present 56 papers, making up ~36% of the entire congress.

Translational Incubation Projects from ORT Named to National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competitions

On 27th Nov. 2021, the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association named the winners of the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition cum National & Greater Bay Area Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competitions (HKSAR) Awards. The awards recognized the innovation and star-up projects from the all the universities in Hong Kong.

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR Ms. Carrie, Yuet-ngor. Lam Cheng, and the Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Dr. YIN Zonghua have attended the ceremony.

The innovation project with the title of ‘Highly dynamic nanocomposite hydrogels self-assembled by metal ion-ligand coordination’ and the start-up project with the title of ‘MG MedCare® Bioactive functional wound dressing with Magnesium’ have been awarded the Second Prized of Life Science and the Third Prized of Startup of the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition respectively. Meanwhile the MedCare® has also been awarded the Silver Prize of the 7th China International College Students’ Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

These are great honours of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of CUHK since our ongoing research works are highly recognized domestically and internationally.

Professor Gang Li and His Collaborators Receive the 2020 State Natural Science Award First-class Award

On November 3, the ceremony of the National Science & Technology Awards 2020 was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Professor Gang Li’s team and his collaborators from Air Force Medical University, Guangzhou Medical University, and Tianjin Zhongjin Biological Development Co. Ltd were honoured with the 2020 State Natural Science Award (SNSA) First-class award for the project entitled “Treatment system and key technology for bone defect repair in severe war trauma”.

In the past 20 years, Professor Li and his collaborators have worked closely and developed a novel classification system for serious bone defects and established four new technologies for the management of bone defects. The research team has achieved many breakthroughs. They are the first team in application of tissue engineering technology for bone regeneration in China. They are the inventors of the first bone graft with efficient anti-infection ability and bone formation activity. They are the first team to propose the theory of synchronous repair of bone and soft tissue composite defects, which has greatly increased the limb salvage rate and benefited the majority of patients. This prestigious award is a high recognition and praise for the past scientific research work.

AI-driven Surgical Planning and Prosthesis Design in Orthopaedics
Prof. Louis Cheung Dr. Elvis Chui Prof. Ling Qin Dr. Kevin Ho

Congratulations to Professor Louis Cheung, Dr. Elvis Chui, Professor Ling Qin, and Dr. Kevin Ho on their recent success in the ITF Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme project titled “Artificial Intelligence Assisted Orthopaedic Prosthesis Design and Surgical Planning System”.

The project collaborates with Professor Sang Hongxun (桑宏勋) at the Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hengsheng Hospital to develop a system in the pursue of a patient-specific implant (PSI) technology that aims to reduce overall procedural costs, minimize surgical time, and maximize patient outcomes by achieving better biomechanical implant fit.

The new project will strengthen our flagship research programme of “Innovative Orthopaedic Biomaterial and Drug Translational Research (POINT)” for the ultimate goal of better patient care.

CUHK O&T Best Research Paper Award for Medical Students 2021

The winners are:

1st = Linus Lee (Year 6)
2nd = Anson Tong (Year 5)
3rd = Naomi Fung (Year 6)


Dance Medicine 2021 “Science Strengths the Art”

Dr Samuel Ling and the CUHK Dance Medicine team successfully hosted the Dance Medicine Summit, co-organised by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Association of Dance Medicine and Science (HKADMS) and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA).

The event took place at the HK Productivity council and allowed an engaging digital exchange between our online international faculty and our local guests and participants. Together, we hope to promote awareness of dancers’ health within our community and foster meaningful research collaborations for the future.

(Supported by the CUHK Research Summit Series.)

Completion of the 2021 Research Postgraduate Training and Laboratory Animal Handling Workshop

Thank you to all research academic staff and our experienced postdoctoral research fellows for delivering a breadth of research topics important for orthopaedic research. Topics including research methods, experimental planning, research ethics, statistical analysis, histology of soft and hard tissue, biomechanical testing, molecular and next generation sequencing techniques.

We would also like to thank the Laboratory Animal Services Centre (LASEC) for co-hosting the Animal Handling Workshop that is unique to our program of postgraduate training. Thank you to Dr. Fernando and Dr. Kung of LASEC for delivering useful talks on Animal Ethics, and the veterinary team for providing the hands-on workshop.
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