Admission & Graduation Requirement 報讀及畢業要求


Admission Requirement

  • Fundamental level:
    • Working in Health and Fitness/ Physical Education/ Sports Industry for at least 2 years. Or
    • Study Exercise Science, Physical Education, Physiotherapy or Sports-related disciplines

  • Advanced level:
    • Must have completed fundamental level.


Graduation Requirement (Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate):

  • Certification will only be endorsed after you acquire the Basic Life Support certificate or equivalent (CPR + AED certifications). Indeed, it is not necessary when apply for the course.


Learning Outcome 課堂內容

• Anatomy and Kinesiology
• Assess injury of athletes
• Manage immediate injury on the field
• Recognize the criteria for return to sports
• Design re-conditioning training
• Design injury prevention exercise

You will also learn how to:

i) evaluate acute injury, offer suitable acute care and refer injured athletes to suitable personnel
ii) offer injury prevention fitness training to reduce the risk of getting injuried
iii) prepare athletes for their games and training in terms of tapping and massage
iv) design return to sport exercise training for injured athletes


Course Duration 課程時間

Both Fundamental and Advanced Level Courses last for 24 hours respectively, which consists of lectures (20 hours) + workshop (4 hours).


Difference between Fundamental & Advanced Level 初級、進階課程的分別

The aim of the Sports Trainer Advanced Level is to further develop the basic knowledge and skills of a Fundamental Level Sports Trainer that in turn will improve their ability to contribute to safer sporting events and organizations. Advanced Level will facilitate further development of basic knowledge and skills in the prevention and management of injuries and illnesses related to participation in sport and physical activity.


Organizers & Accrediting Body主辦機構 及 認可團體

The Sports Trainer course is organized by the Department of Orthropaedics and Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學醫學院矯形外科及創傷學系) & the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science (香港運動醫學及科學學會), accredited by Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).



This program aims to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge in sports medicine, sports injury management & prevention, which is accredited by Sports Medicine Australia. To become certified in providing definitive treatment for sports injury, one needs to be a registered physiotherapist, medical doctors, or other approved medical personnel. Effective from 13 Jun 2015, the two courses have changed their names to "Sports Trainer Course Fundamental Level / Advacned Level – Sports Injury Management & Prevention". This name change is being instituted is for convenient of the administration process. While our name is changing, our course structure and content will remain the same.