Course Information 課程資料

Through the Sports Trainer Course - Fundamental Level, students can learn the scientific knowledge and skills to provide prevention, acute care and re-conditioning of sports injury. After completion of the course, students will be awarded with the certificates of:

1) Level 1 Sports Trainer issued by Sports Medicine Australia


Online Teaching: 31 Oct & 7 Nov 2020
Face-to-face Teaching: 1 Nov 2020

Time & Duration 

31 Oct: 9am – 2pm

1 Nov: 9am – 6pm

7 Nov: 9am – 1pm


• Online teaching will be conducted on Zoom (
• Face-to-face teaching will be conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Exact location to be announced)

Course Fees

  • Regular Rate: HK$4,680
  • Early-bird Rate: HK$4,380 (Apply on or before 30 Sep 2020)
  • Special Rate: HKD$4,380 (For MSc/PgD in Sports Medicine & Health Science Alumni and HKASMSS members)

Other Fees

  • Re-Exam Fees: HK$500
  • Withdrawal Fee: HK$500 administration fee will be charged

Class Size 

Maximum of 20 students



Admission Requirement

  • Working in Health and Fitness/ Physical Education/ Sports Industry for at least 2 years; OR
  • Study Exercise Science, Physical Education, Physiotherapy or Sports-related disciplines

Graduation Requirement

  • Attend 80% of classes
  • Obtain a Pass in the competency check
  • Obtain a Pass in the final examination • Complete the required course work
  • Current holder of Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate; or equivalent (CPR + AED certifications) *

* Certification will only be endorsed after acquiring the Basic Life Support certificate or equivalent within 6 months after completion of the course. . Knowledge of BLS are essential for one to perform acute injury management. For those who are not holder of BLS certification, you may take the course at your own cost in below local organizations:

Lecturer Profile 

  • Registered Physiotherapists
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists


Course Structure 課程架構

The Fundamental Level involves theoretical and practical sessions, which covers the following topics:

Role & responsibility of a Clinical Sports Trainer

- Equity issues in sports
- First aid kit
- Records and injury reporting
- SMART Play
- Sports trainer code of practice

Basic understanding on musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology

- The skeletal & muscular system
- Anatomical and movement terminology
- Basic physiology

Concept of injury prevention

- Prevention of injury
- Warm up
- Stretching
- Cool down
- Recovery techniques
- Sports massage
- Rehabilitation
- Protective equipment

Management of sport specific injury

- Sports taping
- On-the-field evacuation 
- Use of first-aid kit

Concept of rehabilitation

- Basic guidelines for safely return-to-sports

Common medical conditions & illness

- Recognize common sports injuries 
- Medical illness related to sports


- Healthy eating guide
- Carbohydrate, protein, fats
- Vitamins and minerals
- Pre & post event nutrition
- Fluid replacement
- Fluid loss

Basic principles in fitness training

- Training principles 
- Fitness elements 
- Training methodology